Saturday, January 2, 2010

My little duck hunter

John took Kylan duck hunting again this morning. He hasn't been very many times, but loves to go. Well, they didn't make it to the blind b/c their boat tore up. They were stranded on this little patch of land for a couple of hrs. until someone came to their rescue. John said they flipped the boat up to its side to protect them from the wind, and they had a little heater going. Hmmm, maybe those episode of survivor man that he watched all of the time did help, lol! Someone finally came and got them. I hope to goodness Kylan doesn't get sick! Oh, and yes my child had gloves on at first, until John said he tripped and got them wet.


Stacy said...

that's so funny that you sent John with the camera!!

amber leann said...

I actually didn't, he asked for once, lol! I am glad he did though, otherwise I wouldn't have any. I'm not getting up that early to take them, ha!