Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beautiful weather

I would love to say that I have been enjoying this beautiful weather, but I have been inside working on orders. The boys have enjoyed it with their daddy for me though! Mom and I did take time to go to the craft show this weekend where I got some cute ideas. I also bought tons more ornaments for a dining tree this year. I have been wanting to do a lime green and brown one for a couple of years but already had a TON of red/gold ornaments and hated to just get rid of them. Soooo I decided, why not...let's just do two big ones this year. So while I worked on orders mom came over Saturday night and decorated my buffet and a tree in my dining room. I LOVE IT!!! I am doing two small trees for each of the boys rooms as well. Kylan's will be skateboard of course to match his room, not sure yet though on Jace's. I know it sounds crazy and I normally don't put up a tree this early, but I just couldn't help it this year! Plus, the one in the living room is always real so I will have to wait to put that one up! I also don't have a place to put our stockings (they are usually laid out in the floor on Christmas morning) so this year I got an iron coat rack that I will use for stockings, that way I can use it year round as well!