Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun with the boys

I went back to work Wednesday which breaks my heart! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but staying at home with my boys is ideal! Well at least staying at home with Jace is. I know that Kylan has to go to school so that is easier to deal with. Tonight the boys have been painting and playing. I got the biggest kick out of Jace playing with Mr. Potato Head. He would stick the "ears" in his ears. Gosh I miss out on so much when he is at daycare. Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow. We have orientation & I swear I get hives just thinking about it. I can talk in front of a room full of kiddos any day, but put me in a room full of adults & I go blank! Weird huh? I just keep telling myself that it only lasts an hour, but it doesn't help. The boys have been staying with John's mom the last 2 days & John will be at home with them tomorrow. Be praying for Jace as he starts back to daycare next Wednesday. He has been out all summer with his mama & it will be hard! Plus I don't want him to regress with potty training. He has been in undies 6 wks. now & i refuse to go back to diapers! Anyway, just be thinking of us all (my family, teachers in general, your kiddos, and the school kiddos). Sometimes school is the only place a child feels safe, so give God the glory that your children are in homes where they are loved and safe!


Shea said...

I'll be praying for all of you. Hoepfully Jace will get in there and show the rest of the little ones what a big boy he is! And I know what you mean about orientation. We're having our first "Bring Your Parents To School" night this year and I am NOT excited! Good luck with the year!