Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not much going on......

Let's see I left off on Wed. Thursday I worked on orders all day. Friday I had a workshop until almost 2. I then came home and took a short nap while John played with the boys outside. We then went out to eat at Lazzari's with Zac & Nichole. They We had a great time and I laughed all night! I guess I was overstimulated because I didn't fall asleep until after 3 this morning. Today I had a Rags Land drop in for their fall clothing line here at my house. If anyone still wants to order it will be open this whole week, just let me know! The boys and I were excited to get to visit with Bradley & Mack, and Chandra & Caden today. Chandra wanted to see how Caden liked Jace's car & he loved it! I took a couple of pictures for her that were sweet of him in it. Those boys are growing up so fast & and are super sweet!!! Afer the drop in we then went to town and got groceries. We are now home relaxing! One week left until FL! Whoo hoo!