Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready for the weekend

I am exhausted!!! We have tested at school this week and it is a big relief to have it out of the way. We had ball practice tonight for the first time in awhile because of rain. Kylan did well. Jace had his egg hunt at school today. Of course I had to miss is, but John's mom went for me and then took Jace with her so he didn't have to stay at school. I was able to get a few pics of him at school this morning, but none during the hunt. I hate missing everything!!! I am so glad that I am off tomorrow. I have a cake to bake and some last minute "Easter Bunny" shopping to do, plus Kylan has GOT to get a haircut before Sunday. Then, off to a fun weekend with family, egg hunting, and Easter Sunday services!


Whit and Bradley said...

Jace's shirt turned out super cute!!!! Mack wore one of his last night and it was adorable!!!! I will post pics soon!