Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm soooo excited!

Jace thought this ornament was a real lollipop! Poor kid.

I have lots of reasons to be excited! First of all, the HOGS WON yesterday! Second, mom came over and decorated my tree yesterday and today. We even got a cheaper tree this year (real tree = unnecessary expense & care.) John loves them though, as do I so we just had to have one anyway. Last of all, Stacy and I went to town (Thanks Stacy) today where I got my embroidery machine fixed. It wasn't working well for me. Plus I got a new applique CD for my machine, and the lady showed me how to use it. SOOOOO, maybe I can start playing with my machine again. I also got Jace a super cute outfit today at Pattycakes. They were having a BOGO sell, which is always nice. However, I still shouldn't have spent the money on it, but it was super cute and Jace will be rockin in it. Which makes it a little bit better, lol. Hope ever one else had a SUPER Saturday!


Beth said...

Hey Amber, your tree looks so pretty. I don't blame you about the clothes, you can NEVER pass up a good deal! Hope to be ordering from you soon, more baby showers coming up:)

amber leann said...

Thanks! My mom does such a great job. I look forward to more orders, as always! :)