Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun night and exciting news!

We had bunko tonight, which is always lots of fun. We had a mini shower for Andrea (wedding), a great idea from my friend Angela, and then without her knowlege we had a mini shower (baby) for Angela. (Cute bow holder Stacy!) Then we played some rounds of bunko, (I got three tonight, whoo hoo), and then my friend Tiffany just up and announced that she is preggers! YAY, what exciting news. I have to admit that I already knew, but also knew that she was announcing the news to the girls tonight, so it was still fun the way she just blurted it out in the middle of conversation! Congrats Tiff! I also found out today that my friend Chandra is having a little boy! So, it was a very interesting day...we will see what exciting news there is to share at next bunko, ha ha!


Stacy said...

HUH UH! So I am just reading your blog- playing catch up and I see this! Which Tiffany? I am assuming Tiffany S! Goodness. I miss bunco ONCE and someone gets preggo!