Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally over!

We (my mom, me, and the boys) got to the hospital at 7:30 this morning to get Kylan registered for his surgery. Finally about 10:45 they took him back to have the tubes put in. Gosh, the drama of getting prepared, and it wasn't even the paper work that caused it. First they expect a five year old to want to take off all of his clothes and put on a gown with his fanny hanging out. Not fun! Especially with Kylan, so he was crying before we even got started. Then they want to check his vitals, which he cried like crazy with, gosh you would have thought it was Jace the way he wasn't cooperating. Anyway, once we calmed him down he was a big boy and sweet the rest of the day UNTIL the goofy juice. At first, he started giggling and saying I had two mouths, and then came the flood of tears. He was upset because he couldn't raise his head up, and couldn't talk right. There was no calming him down. The nurses were like, Oh he is one of those "crying drunks" with the meds. Of course it would be my child. Anyway, that was rough on us both, but I maintained my tears until after they wheeled him off. The surgery didn't take long at all, the doc. said he did have thin eardrums, whatever that means. We go back in 2 weeks (with lots of questions) so I will find out all the additional info. then. It took him about 30 min. after surgery to get calm again, he kept holding his ears crying about everything being too loud. Poor thing, he is not used to hearing "normal." Once the medicine fully wore off, he was ready to rock and roll, no holding him back. He is perfectly fine now, and hopefully we will see positive results from this experience. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers always. Thanks for thinking of us!


kristen g. said...

I'm glad you're done with all this! Poor Kylan--I am the same way w/ those kinds of drugs so I totally understand. Even codeine does that to me!