Wednesday, April 9, 2008

crazy week

I haven't posted as much lately, but it has been a crazy week. We had Sat-10 testing on Monday and Tuesday of this week and a visit from "state monitiors" at school today. It was a day that we were encouraged not to miss. Of course, this ended up being a day I really needed to miss, but did not. I ended up taking Kylan to the clinic after school yesterday. He was running a high temp., and had chills. He slept all day yesterday, poor thing. He tested positive for strep and was given an antibiotic shot because his white blood count was really elevated. When we left the clinic he still had 103.3temp. so they told us to keep a close eye on it, and bring him back if it didn't do better today. By bedtime he was throwing up Motrin so we had to give him another dose. He stayed at John's mom's today until 1:00 and then my mom had to go get him because she had a meeting. He started throwing up again when I called to check on him so I took off at 2:15 to go get him. Since mom has had pneumonia she hasn't had much energy, plus I don't really want them giving their germs back and forth to each other anymore than they have to. It was so funny though, yesterday at the clinic the nurse asked Kylan if he wanted a drink of water after they dosed him down with tylenol and he said yes. Well, she stated to him that it would probably wet his whistle, and poor Kylan said, "but I don't know how to whistle!" Kids say the funniest things. Anyway, he is not going to school tomorrow, I want him to get over this well, without relapse. Then he can go back Friday. He only goes until noon on Fridays anyway, so his first day back won't even be a long one. Plus he has preschool graduation/Spring/class pictures Friday morning and I don't want him to miss all of those. I recieved Jace's first birthday invitations in and wanted to share them. I can't brag on my friend Christina enough, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! They are even metallic like in person, you can't see it well in the pictures, but are fabulous!!!!


Stacy said...

So glad that Kylan is feeling better! Hopefully you all can have a restful, healthy weekend! I love the invites and your digi scrap pages are looking good too! About your comment on my blog- of course you will have girl grandbabies that look like Ruby Kate... since she will be your daughter-in-law and all! Hello?