Sunday, February 17, 2008

a busy day

Saturday turned out to be a very eventful day. One of my very best friends Angela, delivered her beautiful little girl Macie Grace. She was 7 lbs even and reminds me so much of big sis Maggie. I was amazed at how much they look alike. Angela was two weeks early, which didn 't bother her a bit. She was so ready to see that sweet little girl. John and I took the kids up to the hospital to see and hold her. Of course the kids had to stay in the waiting room, so John and I had to take turns seeing her. I'm hoping one day that Macie will be Jaces' little sweetheart. Kylan tells everyone that Maggie is his girlfriend, so we might as well set up the babies too, ha ha! It would be wonderful if they really did end up being together, how nice would it be to have your best friends as your in-laws?

After visiting with them we got ready to go out to eat with good friends Brian and Tracy. We went to newport and ate Chinese. It was nice to go out with friends and visit for awhile. The kids stayed at my moms for our "double date." Kylan called before 10:00 asking when we were coming home. I asked him if he was tired, he said no, he just wanted us to come home. I thought that was so sweet of him until he said, I'm just ready to play my new game, lol. Figures, huh?